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The RetroBox was made for the “Orchestra” project. It used the m2 microcontroller wireless communication module to play specific frequencies from an 8 ohm speaker through high and low pass filters. In addition, I customized this so that it also has an auxiliary audio port that you can plug your music player through and play whatever you want with a flip of the switch. The outer shell may look like premium wood, but it is actually hand stained and polished MDF using a technique cultivated from a year of personal woodworking projects. The sides of the speakers are inlaid with white acrylic to resemble ebony. The control panel and frequency/volume knobs are custom machined and hand stamped for custom buttons and labels. The speaker grill is from a recycled computer fan and can be changed with the use of hidden magnets found in the speaker MDF faceplate. The top handle is supposed to be used for my kitchen drawer but I wanted the RetroBox to be easier to carry around so I took it anyways.

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